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There is a lot of behind the scenes work that most clients do not see or do not even know exists. One of these big things is editing! Yes, that is why your wedding photos take 4-8 week to get back. Or your portrait session takes 2 weeks. Did you know that every hour of shooting time produces at least one hour of post-production work? I’m impatient too but it is worth it to perfect your beautiful memories. Today I wanted to share a little sneak preview into what that behind the scene work looks like.

My goal in editing your images is to make them look as similar as they did to our eyes when the photo was taken. Or maybe a little bit better. Cameras and people are definitely not perfect and so the images do not come out of the camera perfectly. They come out pretty close, but that is not good enough for me. My style is similar to that of film and is very classic so that in 20 years you don’t look at your photos and hate the dated style.

I also do not over manipulate photos. Yes, if the groom cuts himself shaving or (God forbid) you breakout the day of our photoshoot, I will remove those things from the up close photos. Or maybe there is a wrinkle in your clothing or your dress buckled which just happened because of a certain pose, I will fix that as well. I am pretty good at not having distracting things in the background of your photos, but sometimes it cannot be avoided so I remove anything like a bright orange cone that might be distracting.

My black and white edits are a bit more dark and moody simply because I think that is how a black and white photo should look! But other then that, I let the beauty of our location and your love shine through!

Check out some images below to see before (left) and after (right) editing by using the slider at the bottom of the image.